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Hessische Ratte

Hessische Ratte is a German podcast from the life of a former carer. Real, direct and unembellished. Just like on my blog, I talk about life after care in my podcast. Hessian Rat started while I was still a carer. What happened and what happens next can be heard soon in the new episode.










  • Life as a carer and what happens after care. Experiences and adventures, all at first hand
  • Travelling and Hesse. As the title suggests, I am originally from Hesse and here I share with you my experience of travelling alone.
  • Rats. These intelligent creatures have lived with me for 26 years. With this podcast, I hope to contribute to the idea that rats are better than their reputation.
  • Just like life, there are always new topics here. So let’s all be curious about what’s still to come.

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HI I’M BEcky

30-something – rat loving Content Creater – Podcaster at HessischeRatte – former caregiver – Hessin in NRW

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