Here we go again

It was clear to me that I would have to reorganise the blog and podcast, but the fact that I have now dared to take the step I had long ruled out surprised me myself. But what am I actually talking about? As you can probably tell, this is a different blog. New name and instead of 3 pages, there is now only one. Blog, podcast and all studio topics are now bundled here. Yes, there is still the Rat Blog which remains separate and is more private in nature.

The main reason is time. I have more time now after nursing, but still not infinite and to get everything under one hat, a solution had to be found. So what’s new? The website is being translated again bit by bit. I have a link tree page again where you can find all the links. A new podcast episode will go online this month and until Easter there will hopefully be an episode every 2 weeks on Sunday. And what about the move? Yes, that dragged on like chewing gum due to my grandma’s estate. Now *hopefully – where’s the wood to knock on?* it’s finally going to start. Also in the works are new story stickers, procreate brushes, the shop, Instagram filters & a new newsletter and much more. Not to forget the new bullet journal and also a new theme in the journaling/finance section.

So here’s to a new one!

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